Always cook coffee in a clean pot. Always use fresh cold water, which should lead to boiling and then put minced coffee.

The amount of coffee depends on your taste.

After opening it is not recommended to store more than one day in the package. For extended freshness and aroma, keep the coffee in closed containers in a dry place.

Most people when cooking coffee water heats up to boiling, then immediately adds a spoon, two cafes.

Although we all make coffee like this, it’s not the happiest technique, because such a process significantly changes the taste of coffee that begins to “pull” on the burned.

Water, of course, should be swallowed, but before adding the coffee, it should be left for a minute, two to cool down a little.

The “golden measure” of the coffee you should add to the water temperature between 85 and 96 degrees Celsius is one to two spoons of a cup of medium size.

Additionally, freshly ground coffee has a better taste than instant coffee, so if you have the time and nerves, look for that coffee grinder that your grandmother used, and get you somewhere around the kitchen drawers and try. Maybe you are “getting rid of it,” so make a little morning ritual from grinding coffee.

And one more thing, do not cook a coffee where there are still remains of the previous “tour”, so the coffee will be sour, writes “Daily Mail”

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