Coffee shop “Mond” starts working in 2013 with the aim to satisfy the needs and tastes of the right connoisseurs and lovers of quality domestic coffee. Our goal is to use our quality kernels to bring in the finest aromas and fragrances in our customers’ cups. As a family business, it is important for us to maintain high standards of our products based on a unique coffee roasting process.
Our range includes milled and rinfuz coffee products, as well as rental of mills and accompanying equipment for the sale of coffee beans.
The coffee we offer is a mixture of the two most common types of coffee Arabica and Robusta. With a careful process of processing these types, we get a homemade coffee that reflects the warmth of the old coffee ritual ritual. Coffee as it used to be!

Kuvanje kafe Mond
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The smell is what always attracts us first to coffee. Mond coffee will always delight you with its irresistible smell.

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Regardless of whether you prefer to drink bitter or sweet coffee, the taste must always be excellent. We took care of that.

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Coffee aroma determines many different factors, including the species, region of origin and climate. The coffee contains about 800 different ingredients of aroma.

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The quality of coffee is influenced by many factors, from the characteristics used in the mixes, through the conditions and methods of cultivation



The name of the coffee originates from the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. Tearing a black slave on the road from Sudan to Saudi Arabia, Arabs chew coffee beans in order to withstand the hard road through the Ethiopian desert Danakils. The same way the coffee spread with the old name and new Arabian.